Thursday, January 17, 2013

If I didn't wear scrubs....

I'd be in heaven. Seriously, I'd prob have to remove the bed in my spare room to make another closet rack and bureau or get a bigger house for the closet space. 
I love dressing up. Sometimes it depresses me to know I get to wear shapeless baggy scrubs everyday. Then of course there are benefits on days I roll out of bed late, throw up my hair, shake out the scrubs from the laundry basket and go. And sneakers are definitely comfy. Huge win for my feet. 
When I go shopping I see cute skirts or trouser ankle pants or even a modern looking suit and I think damn I wish I could buy that. I own one pencil skirt. And that's only because I used it as a Halloween costume two years ago. I believe pencil skirts belong in an office. Don't get me wrong, there are some cute ones. I love seeing women with curves rocking them all day and making them work for night, but I can't justify buying one without knowing I'll wear it more than once a month. 
Now blazers, I love.
 Anyone who knows me knows that my going out "uniform" consists of a long tee, blazer, skinny jeans and heels. And fab hair. 
I will rock a blazer from fall to spring and carry one in the car for chilly summer nights. I have all colors, patterns, and textures (currently obsessing over this one and this one too).
I prefer bold jackets so that I can utilize neutral basics, but I have to switch it up now and then and go with basic tops for some jazzy pants or shoes. (yes, I said jazzy- deal.)

What I'd Wear to Work

I love this look first, for the colors. Cobalt is having a moment and its always been my favorite color to wear so I am embracing it with open arms! The shoes may be a little risque for some work settings but I think the heel and the black on black tones them down a bit. My personal preference is to balance tight with loose and a pencil skirt is meant to show off curves so a tucked in flowy blouse with a menswear style jacket is a good balance. 


This is for those cooler New England days. The pants are loose and comfy and the top is silky. I'd love a sweater cardi with this look but I went with the more classic blazer in a similar tone to look profesh but cute. The two tone shoes are another great trend but the length of the pants and the low heel make them work appropriate. And wrap watches are my ultimate fave accessory other than my Alex and Ani bracelets. 

How sophisticated are these looks? What do you wear to work? 
Where do you shop? And would some of these accessories make it in your workplace?
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  1. I agree with you about blazers. There are so many cute ones in different colors, patterns and textures. I have a ton in different colors and they can be dressed up or down. Currently I am on the hunt for a black and white striped one.

    1. Stripes and black and white are huge for the spring! Good luck on your hunt!


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