Saturday, January 12, 2013

Target Wishlist

Funny Confession Ecard: 'I went to Target for toilet paper and that's all I bought!' said no one ever.

Funny Confession Ecard: Target makes me lie... #truth #target #always

So we all know and love Target. And we all know what happens when you go to Target for "just a few things".
Hours later you get home and the fiance asks "what took so long? you only have one bag?" Oh lots of traffic sweetie. Then you proceed to take in one bag at a time when hes not looking until all of the accumulated crap ends up in the house where you can then blend it in to make it look like its been there for a while.
 'Oh this old thing?'
Thank god for separate checking accounts. 
Lately with Target I've been practicing restraint and waiting until it goes on sale or there is a coupon somewhere in the www that I can use. 
The following are items that I've been watching for a bit and are on my wishlist. 

Clearly I may be favoring the Kirna Zabete collection juuuust a wee bit. 
However, scoring a trench for twenty one bucks is a deal! Its a closet staple which I do not own and the neutral palate will last me through many seasons. Plus the print matches the dress which is a super flattering cut for the curves that I'm sporting lately.
The navy blazer is huge for this season as is the tuxedo details. 
Faux leather pants have been on my wish list for eons. I've always just been a little too chicken to buy them. 
The button down with the bow is just so fem that I can't resist and I think it would look great tucked into the skirt. 
shopping is my cardio <3The skirt I would definitely need to try on as it is described as "full" and my hips are plenty of that already. 
And that Oscar tote...70% off....I mean really. Does it need justification?!

All this talk of Target makes me want to head up there now and work on some CARDIO shopping!

Whats on your wishlist? Where is your wishlist? And does Target do for you what it does for me?
Target Hypnotics Target Hypnotics Target HypnoticsXOXO

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