Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The Little pink dress! The only thing better than a LBD is a LPD because...well its pink. Any shade of pink counts but I'm really digging hot pink (and that tangerine color below). And who doesn't love sequins?!

The LPD can be worn casually on the weekends with this shoe or to go out dancing with your girlfriends (Hell-OH sequins!). You can have just one and dress it up or down like the shirt-dress (again I'm coming back to this one) with just the change of shoes. Booties and tights can make it appropriate for now and the color alone is perfect for spring and summer!

I don't own very many but dresses are so versatile and truly fem- I'm trying to add more to my wardrobe this year. 

What sorts of items are you wanting to add to your wardrobe that can be used over and over again?

as seen in instyle



I just can't help but love the orange too!

Great price!



  1. Love all the dresses! I just ordered 3 from Loft during an online spree, but I'm afraid I might have to return one or two once I look at the damage on my card.... Cute blog!


    1. Thanks! Pink is a wardrobe staple and I'm starting to wonder how I never acquired a LPD before. thanks for the follow!


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