Monday, March 11, 2013

What I bought for March

 (& part of April and maybe May)

yeah...its that bad. When I get bit by the shopping bug that's it...stick a fork in wallets toast. Well ya'll know how bad I want spring. Well in my mind if I buy it...spring will come. And dresses I've been buying. With shoes and bags to match. And jewelry. Ohhh jewelry. So here's a round-up of what I bought:

I bought the red clutch instead of the yellow because the store was sold out but with all the new poppy in my closet I figured I'd get more use out of it. Ditto for the flat black and whites. Now they may not be the floral I fell for, but they're adorable and comfy soooo, whats not to love? 

The striped dress I originally wanted in black and white but on a whim went with the teal, because that's how I roll. And I think teal and neon yellow = LOVE. 

I'm on the fence about the Old Navy neon flats, the 7's were too tight and the 8's seem a little big but I think (hope) I can deal.

This little guy was love at first sight. I actually had another necklace in mind to pair with the shirtdress but put it back for my little peacock. (It's okay because I have a 30% off coupon that starts in a couple days so you see I'll just go back and get it for a deeper discount. This is how the madness begins!!)
I love every single piece and can't wait to style them all. 
You might notice some things are different than my what I want for March post. Well that's because some things have sold out and I am not a patient "lets wait for delivery person" I want what I want. (I know what you're thinking "uh...spoiled much?" I know.Blame my parents.) 
However, I am very pleased with my purchases and came home satisfied that I will be content until the end of April/beginning of May when I just know I'll need new summer things. (Which is so not true I just know how my mind works.) That is until I saw that JCP, Kohls and Target are doing collabo's in the coming months and well...I missed out on Prabal Garung cause I was trying to be good and I'm kicking myself in the ass, so if I miss these, I will be destroyed. (too dramatic?) Well I'll try my damnedest to behave and pay off my cards instead of maxing them out. Debt free is the way to be?!

In total I spent a little under $250 with sales, coupon discounts and returns and exchanges. Which is pretty much two months of what I should be spending on clothing, etc. 
So its closet remixing time! (And coupon clipping tiiiime!) Who's with me?
Have you ever been on a shopping spree? (duh...stupid question)
What tricks do you use to curb spending and how often do you splurge?
Who budgets for clothing (or anything at all for that matter, I'm terrible!) 

P.s. Sorry for the long post- I guess I'm just passionate about my new duds!


  1. Nice finds!! I almost purchased that polka dot clutch the other day... pretty find!

  2. lovely purchases :)


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