Monday, December 30, 2013

Go Shawty...

I so needed this weekend. December was just so busy and went by so quickly I felt like I blinked and it was the holidays. Anyone else feel that way?

If you follow me on Insta you know that I celebrated my birthday all month this weekend .  
If you have never heard of The Melting Pot you're missing out. Its a fondue restaurant and its kind of amazing. 

Now you're probably asking yourself "Why would I want to sit and wait for my food to boil and the cheeses to melt when I can go someplace else and have it served to me already made?" friends and I ask ourselves the same question every time we go as we impatiently wait to dip. Then once we do get our fondue on...its radio silence. Everything is so worth the wait, most especially the chocolate. We fool ourselves into thinking that we want to try new flavors and then we just devour the "Classic". Its very simple mix of chocolate and peanut butter and so delicious with a flambeed topper. You can go for cheese, just for dessert or do the entire 4 course experience including one of their yummy salads and a choice of meats and/or seafoods. 

And, for my birthday I got a free frozen cocktail. I mean...I was just so tickled (ok...maybe tipsy is a better word). All my friends, great food, fun atmosphere and a free bevvy? If I haven't convinced you yet...go to their site and sign up for their fondue club and you'll get the most delish chocolate covered strawberries....FOR FREE. Yup. I said it. FREE.
As for the rest of my weekend, SJL and I saw a movie, I stayed up late and slept in. I took naps and started a closet purge. Stay tuned to eBay for some items for sale. 

I also went to the mall with my sister and checked out some sales. I'm not really in the market for anything particular but the sales were too good to ignore. Picked up a few items I know will work well in my closet from Old Navy and American Eagle. I had a birthday coupon and a $10 off $30 for AE and got the color block shirt for $15!

Then I made a beeline to JCP for these gloves. Big thanks to Tara for the heads up! (Cheaper in store- check the website for availability- my sister and I got the last two pairs!)

What did you do this weekend? 
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I received no compensation for this post. I just really love the restaurant. Carry on. 

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