Sunday, March 23, 2014

Save & Splurge

When taking a blogging hiatus I had a lot of time to re-evaluate what I wanted to spend my hard earned money on. I often get caught up with what I see on other blogs and in store emails so much so that I positively NEED to have it. Then I wear them once and its back to the basics. Its sad, but sometimes I buy something I can't wait to wear on the blog and that's the only time I wear it. Lucky for eBay buyers...not so much for me. 

In the time I've been away I have become more frugal with my pennies. Buying items that I know I will use more than once and/or shopping at stores with trendier items and a lower price point. I want to invest in more timeless pieces while still dabbling in trends. I've also put my closet on constant rotation... if I buy something new, something old must go. No more saving things that I might just wear one more time in the near future in case something happens to this item that looks similar but not exact to this one. (You all know what I'm talking about.)

With all my new goals I have come to love finding duplicates to items I see on some fancy schmancy blogs within my price range. For example I saw these shoes on Gal Meets Glam and knew I had to have them. Then I saw the price tag and went on a week long search of the perfect dupe. Not only has this helped my wallet, taking a week to look around has also helped me to reevaluate if I really want it or not. If I can survive a week without having these shoes, is it really necessary to take them home? I know its not very Carrie Bradshaw of me, but my fiance is proud. And our bills are paid. =) After looking around I came across these beauties and couldn't be happier. Add a little discount code and free shipping and I call it winning.

Now that I've taken up your time here is my favorite save vs splurge item this week. 
I love a good quirky piece of jewelry. However, I am not the best caretaker of anything really so spending a lot of money on jewels is not my forte, especially trendier items. I love these Genevieve Jones earrings so much! I mean really how could you not?! 

Source: Lucky Mag

Lucky for me it seems as though safety pin earrings are circulating the stores these days so it was very easy to find these Rachel Roy look a likes. Another quality designer without the price tag. 
Source: Lucky Mag

Whats your favorite save? What items are you currently craving? And how do you keep your craving in check!? 
Thanks for sticking around and stopping by!

xoxo, Meg


  1. So glad to see you back! I have also been guilty of the "I saw it on the blogs so I need it!" mentality which is why I gave up shopping for Lent. Spoiler alert: I've cheated once (or twice), but overall it was my way of taking a step back and getting out of the "need" mentality. Blogging is fun, but it can skew your perspective on what the normal person spends on clothing. I've made a really conscious effort this year to do the "one in, one out" thing, and I make myself wait 1-2 weeks before I buy something to make sure I really want it. It's hard, but it definitely helps the bank account. Let us know your other steals! I love those Betsy Johnson shoes!


  2. I totally know what you mean. I've bought a few things that I've seen other bloggers wear and I convince myself I need them too to be a good blogger and then I never wear them again. Now, I try to buy only the things I love. I keep a list of items I keep wishing I owned so that way I stay more focused when shopping.


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