Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Intro Rambling

Its a viscous cycle you know. Work to pay the bills. Shop to make the bills. Work to pay, shop & play. So on and so forth. This summer I've been working twelve hour shifts three to four days a week. Sacrificing precious beach time to catch up on sleep and housework. BORE! 
I shop to feel normal. I shop when I'm mad, sad, bored, lonely, cold, when I just finished paying off my credit cards. When there's a sale,a coupon, a promotion I'm there. Unless I'm working. Then I shop on my phone. 

Hi My name is Mayg and I'm an addict. {shoes, bags, jeans, shirts, makeup, skirts, jewlery!}

My newest hobby is perusing fashion blogs for inspiration and I love when I find them wearing things I own. Its like I have a whole new wardrobe!   But then when it comes time to go out...I always have nothing to wear. Nothing. 
And yet I hear all the time "i envy your closet!"

So I'm attempting a lifestyle change! Another one. Actually in the past 7 months I've made quite a few. This is the first year in my twenty something existence that I have actually (sorta) stuck to (some) resolutions.  
* I workout regularly. 
* I run with my dog.
* I ran a 5k
* I watch what I eat. ya know so i don't lose it. 

Now I just have to work on a fashionable budget. And control my impulses. See what I've found out is that while I may have stopped mindless eating I've replaced it with mindless shopping. My shopping PIC and I often joke that we need to join SA. Shoppers Anonymous.  

Before turning to this blog I spend $. More like I charged an obscene amount on clothes shoes and accessories. Somehow my fiance hasn't scolded me yet. However, I think he'd be real proud if he knew I was going to start budgeting my clothes and attempting to re-wear items. 
Anyone else have that problem? Wear it once its old and can't be worn again for years? Yeah. That's me.  

July's goal: wear all my new purchases and not buy anything else. (Until back to school sales start...which is soon. Like...next two weeks soon) =]
Listed below are some of my new favorite blogs to follow. Coming soon will be pictures of some of the items (taken with my phone since my dog ate my camera!!) Eventually I'd like to start themed days...like Mani-Monday's and Wedding Wednesdays. =) 

Ideas? Inspirations? Questions? Comments? I'd love them. 


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