Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yay! New Pretty Little Liars! I know what you're thinking. "Are you really excited to see a show like that? How old are you?" Now, don't judge. I watch it for the clothes. (per tonight's episode the cool fascinators!) All the characters have excellent style.  In fact, in addition to this blog I'm also making a wish list for August/September. =) 
Fall transition. I love fall. <3
I'm starting out the list with a denim jacket and another statement necklace. I purchased one from Kohls in white I'm dying to try out and I have one I ordered from ebay similar to the JCrew mint style EVERYONE has been sporting lately. I was thinking yellow since seeing this blog post but I'm loving all the colors. I don't really have much yellow in my wardrobe now but I have a pair of kelly green skinnies on the way. Hmmm...
# 3&4 on the list are closet staples of mine...skinny jeans and blazers. I love colored denim and I have a pair of printed denim on the way. I have blazers in cream, black, gray striped and hot pink. A bright blue and multicolored sound good. 
I'm also wanting some new soft button ups for fall. I hear JCrew has some good ones. 
Oh and peplum. I need peplum in my life. 
Tonight's list is brought to you by stores I love to shop and or browse for ideas!

I've also just discovered DorothyPerkins and Modcloth


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