Wednesday, January 9, 2013


If there is one thing that I like shopping for more than pretty clothes its makeup. And its usually because I put myself on a clothes spending freeze that I end up at the makeup aisles of CVS and Target. Occasionally, I allow myself to browse Sephora, esp now that there is one inside of JCP at the mall. I'm partial to all products. I have no brand loyalty...yet. I am willing to try anything that has received good reviews or anything that is a good price at the time. After all, big girls stick to budgets, no?
I have everything from Clinique and Sephora brand to CoverGirl and e.l.f. and I love them equally. The only thing you could say I covet is the colors. I've had the same color eyeliner from Almay since I've lived with my mom. Its a shimmery copper brown made for blue eyes that is my go to liner. I think I originally bought it at Ocean State Job Lot and since then have re-bought it at the drugstore. 
I've never been to a makeup counter...wait I lie. I went with my sister to Clinique at Macys and I've been even more addicted to makeup since. I've got the eyes thing down. As long as the mascara lengthens and adds some volume I'm good to go. My baby blues are pretty versatile in the color dept. I have used every liner/shadow from purple to green, bright blue to gold to silver and copper and ohmygosh you name it. Black is always the most dramatic. It makes such a contrast that I'm almost too intimidated to wear, although I know a lot of women that use black as a daily color. When I was at Clinique though I had them match me for a foundation. I'm horrible at picking skin tones. I was always the girl with the beautiful even face with a neck that was two shades lighter. Or I had more pink on my face than my neck and I had no idea how to fix it. Since they matched me with a lighter coverage (I was never really big on heavy foundations, my ma blessed me with ah-maze skin) , so I could even out my tone when I went out on the town, I don't think I'll ever change. Unless I go to Sephora on a whim and they do the same kind of fab job as they did at Clinique. 
Foundation and moisturizers and maybe even concealers I'll pay money for. That is where I think quality is of the utmost importance. Eyeliners, eye shadows, blush...they are all a dime a dozen. I've bought $3 blush and thought it was the greatest in the world and $1 eyeliners?! Hell yeeeah.
Don't get me wrong, most of my purchases have been sales or clearance at CVS (love my BeautyBucks!) And since Pinterest I've fallen for beauty dupes! 
Anyway the whole point of this long winded blog post is that I'm hoping to set up a weekly makeup post. A post about favorites and not so good finds about colors and trends and what not. 
As always I love input from readers so you tell me- what do you want to see? Are there things you would like to see me try before you buy?
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Ready? Set? GO!

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