Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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Created by MyFitnessPal - Free Weight Loss Tools

New Year! New You! Everyone should check out myfitnesspal . It's an excellent app tracker that helps you maintain your new years weight loss and fitness goals. The app is available for most smartphones and the site has its own community and boards where you can link up with other like minded individuals. And the best part is its ALL FREE!

I always toy with the idea of joining WW every December. Its when I start feeling the most guilty about my destroyed habits. However, due to budget cuts this season WW was not really an option for me. Enter MFP which I have been back and forth using since October 2011. At least when I stop using and tracking for a month I don't feel horrible buyers remorse like I would when I inevitably fall off the wagon using WW. 

Anywho if your're interested my username is msmeggie85 and I'd love to share my weight loss journey with you!!

p.s. I also would love to share my blogging adventures with you and I resolve to blog more this year! Don't forget I'm on Pinterest and Twitter and Instagram too!! I update way more around there and love to see new people!!

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