Saturday, March 9, 2013

Faded Blues

These are my favorite pair of jeans. I mean they aren't really anything special and the color is hella faded and the stretch is at its max but they're my go-to. The length, the feel, the comfort, I crave it. Or more like I'm lazy a lot sometimes and need to wear them for something quick. 

The scarf makes the outfit really. Its a basic black button up and old jeans. Well the scarf and the shoes really. Cause the shoes are what I really wanted to wear. I've been trying and failing to pair them with every outfit I've worn since they've come in the mail. I wore them once or twice with a sweatshirt or oversized sweater to run out real quick. Other than that its either raining or snowing and boooo to you mother nature!
Todays events were nothing but a trip to the mall to score some spring duds. So why not be comfy, right?

laughter is the best medicine
Shirt: Old Navy (old)
Jeans: Old Navy (old)
Jacket: Wet Seal (also seen here)
Sneakers: Steve Madden 
Scarf: Express
Watch: Target
Bracelet:Charming Charlie


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