Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Break!

No, I'm not going on vacation. I have to wait a while for that. But this is what I'd pack for a week away with my toes in the water and a warm breeze in my hair, the sun shining down on me....ahhh if I close my eyes...I can almost feel it
I'm glad I pinned this swimsuit because when I went to look at it was sold out. No where to be found on the website. And the same thing happened last summer. I saw it I thought- oh cute but not what I'm looking for. Then I thought about it some more and **POOF** none left. 
This is why I buy things when I love them cause if I think about it, its never there when I go back. At least thats what I tell my fiance. Its all very logical. 
and of course i'd need a new cover up. natch.
some havianas
havianas-havianas slim animals flip flop

sunscreen and great lotion/ bronzer

A day dress

with wedges

a night dress

with heels

day bag

night bag

In theory I could pack all of this in a carry on and avoid any bag fees but in reality- I'd have a million more pairs of everything cause who knows what mood I'll be in when I get dressed that day and god forbid I don't have what I want when I want it. 
This is the trouble with packing and traveling.
Thank baby J my fiance is a patient man. 

Whats in your spring break bag- real or imagined?
And where would you/ are you going?
Come on make me jealous!!

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  1. You're making me dream of spring!! I'm not going anywhere when I have a break in 3 weeks either, but at least it won't be 30 degrees anymore... hopefully.



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