Saturday, March 23, 2013

Work It Out for the Weekend

It is with a heavy heart that I report today my favorite Zumba instructor has cut back her hours to one class a week. 
Moment of silence please.

I completely understand where shes coming from- teaching people to be happy and healthy is not her only job- shes a nurse a mother a sister a friend and whatever else. 
(While I'm thinking of it props to working moms everywhere!! I have a fiance and a couple of fur babies and I get overwhelmed by all the responsibilities I attempt to maintain- never mind trying to balance work and a marriage and raising babies. 
I R-E-S-P-E-C-T what you do daily!! APPLAUSE!!)

Anyway, now I'm at a crossroads- should I continue with random gym instructors? Or should I follow DVDs at home?
(note: I do pay for the gym...and use it....sometimes.)
Has anyone tried the Zumba DVDs at home? 
What did you think? 
What are your class vs at-home thoughts?
I am a full on Zumba addict- I've even toyed with the idea of becoming an instructor- and then I come back to reality. 
Whats your favorite class or home DVD?
Any suggestions on something new I should try?

I love all of your thoughts and comments. I'm tickled pink when I see that ya'll are actually reading!! Ask my fiance- I pretty much have a little jig going on when I see a new comment. 
Maybe one day you'll get to see it. But for now:
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trust me- the squats- worth it. 


  1. I love watching people do Zumba but am always too afraid to try it! I love this post!

    1. I was very afraid of Zumba when I first tried it! But trust me- you learn to let go and just have fun for an hour- it becomes addictive!!


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