Saturday, April 20, 2013


Its been an incredibly rough week in the nation, especially in Boston and the surrounding areas. Mondays events were devastating and the investigation went at a pace that movie producers would envy. 
As much as I wanted to I could not tear myself away from the TV. The news, social media- everything was about Boston. "Turn in your pictures, report anything you may deem suspicious", pray, remember, repeat
In a nutshell be on alert
Every time I turned around there was a new development...or a new threat
Then in the matter of less than 24 hours everything changed
I woke up Friday morning and took the dog out- it was a beautifully calm and slightly humid spring morning. In the silence of the early hours I thought to myself- "I am so lucky to be able to take my dog out and not worry that there may be a fugitive in my backyard". I can't imagine being awoken to police and SWAT teams, or worse, to the sounds of gunshots and explosions outside of my home. Things like that just don't happen here. 
Friday at work- I most certainly could have been more productive- however, when I found out the university that I once attended, the university the next town over, the university where I met my fiance and some of my best friends was being evacuated, I could not keep my mind straight. All at once everyone I knew on FB were posting pics and sharing photos of the evacuation and the military helicopters landing in the local airport and the fields where I once participated in graduation ceremonies. 
This was entirely too close to home. 
Then later in the evening, at the same time the "stay inside" order was lifted for Watertown, I find out that SWAT teams and state police are blocking off an area blocks away from me. An area that I drive through regularly.  The feeling that I had that very same Friday morning was gone. 
This is real
And this is unbelievable. 
why is there so much hate? so much pain?
I wanted to turn off the scanners. To change the channel from the news, but I couldn't- wouldn't. I checked my newsfeeds every ten seconds, was texting my friends and family every five. No amount of wine  anything could calm my nerves. 
I needed to know everything that was happening and more. Anything that anyone might know I needed it. 
'Is it okay to be outside my home, in my backyard, having dinner like the world isn't crumbling around me?'
Finally, finally its over. 
Suspect #2 is in police custody 
and the other incidents up the street are handled- people connected to the suspects are also in custody. Nothing more to worry about. 
We are 

All of the state, local and transit police, the military, the FBI, the first responders, the doctors and nurses EVERYONE is a hero. 
We lost men, women and children.
People are still healing and will be healing for a long time to come. 
But because of the perseverance, persistence, and relentlessness of authorities the world can sleep easier.
Boston came together and helped each other. The stories that are coming out about victims, runners and volunteers and the authorities absolutely melt my heart. 
Never have I ever been more proud to be a #masshole. 
The best way to describe my feelings is by watching these videos- the sense of camaraderie and pride and love for one another- and love for our country- is showcased here:

never has Boston needed a moment like this more than today!

I L.O.V.E. big papi!!!!

...home of the brave. 

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