Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tiki Tiki tangerine

Ever since I received the Sally Hansen at home Gel kit for my birthday- I've been in love. 
I want every gel color in every brand and I want to paint my nails all the time. 
Unfortunately, the mains last up to two weeks so I don't switch them up that often. I feel guilty getting rid of a perfectly good color. Plus, thanks to Pinterest, I've taught myself how to gradient with glitter from the bottom up and it makes my main last even longer. I am a one woman mani machine!
Mostly, I have Sally Hansen brand gels, but after a trip to Sally's with my mom, I discovered this gem:
Tiki Tiki Tangerine

As you can see it's grown out a bit at the bottom, however, the tips and the cuticles are still very clean. Therefore, when I get wrapped up with life, and I can't bring myself to take off the polish, the trendy gradient is perfect!
The only downside of this polish is the taking off part. You have to wrap your fingers in foil with nail polish remover soaked cotton squares. And wait. And wait. And wait until it starts to melt. The purpose is to melt or loosen up the polish enough so that is just rubs off rather than peel, which will strip your natural nail. 
...Since I am not the queen of patience, and I am the reigning queen of procrastination, I often peel off my polish after on nail chips. I cannot have mismatched nails. It bothers me, incredibly. 
Nowadays, you will not see me without decorated tips! I'm still a little nervous to try my  hand at nail art unless its the genius little strips I love so much! 
But, I just know there will come a day I will find it in me to step outside my comfort zone. 
Until then, I highly recommend trying out at home gel manis!
Sally's has a huge range of colors from the gelish line and as a bonus- the trendier colors come in mini jars (as seen on the tiki tiki) so that you aren't spending a fortune on a color that will only be seen for a few months. 
Have you tried at home gel manis? 
What is your fave brand?
Show me your colors!!
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  1. TOTALLY am the same way - I can keep my manicure as long as it's perfect, but as soon as it chips even a bit, I pick the whole thing off. So I stick to pedicures mostly...

    I'm super impressed you can do your own gel manis! Pinterest for the win!

  2. I saw that Sally Hanson kit at Target the other day and I want it sooo badly, but it's just not in the budget right now. I'm terrible at painting my nails because I'm so impatient when it comes to something that only lasts for a few days. Whenever I do invest, I'll be sure to check out your tips!



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