Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Style Sessions Tuesday

I loved this color combo. I never pair colors together though. Its not until I see someone else with similar colors that the light bulb goes off. Too often I get stuck in the rut of neutrals. Or maybe its a winter thing. Either way I find myself leaning towards bright and brighter. I guess I'm addicted to color and color-blocking! 
I was inspired to pair these together from Alyson at  The Average Girl's Guide . She effortlessly paired a kelly green and navy for the start of spring. I've had all these pieces in my closet for a while now and blue is just my absolute favorite color to wear with green in a close second so I just had to try it out. 
The results were fun! I added my favorite canvas wedges and some bright nails and lips and I'm pretty proud of the outcome. I'm definitely wearing this again. 

Silky top: Old navy | tank: Old Navy (old) | Pants: LC @ Kohls | Necklace: F21| Ring: I forget | Lips: Loreal Caresse in Coral Tattoo (love this stuff want it in every color!) 

Shoes: Payless (faves!)

Nails: Gelish in Tiki Tiki Laranga
I love the little glowy handprint the camera captured!

Linking up today with StyleElixir for Style Sessions! Quickly becoming my favorite day of the week!

STYLELIXIR Style Sessions

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  1. I just bought a pair of pants that color and I paired them with a navy top, I added a coral necklace for even more color! I love this color combo.


  2. Awww so flattered you used the post as inspiration. You look beautiful, and LOVE the idea of kelly green pants. You might have me on a mission now. :)

  3. This mix looks sooo cute together!! I feel like I start getting bored with my wardrobe, and then I have to rely on other bloggers for inspiration. I wish I had green pants so that I could try this!



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