Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Up in the Blue

Gelish Mini Up in the Blue

Its that time...nails of the week!
I had on the bright purple You Glare I Glow (seen here) while I was on vacation from work, but for my return I figured I'd go a little more subdued with 'Up in the Blue'. Not that periwinkle blue is very neutral, but I think pastel colors are more work-place appropriate than neon. 

Gel manis are great for work too! They don't chip as easily, the shine lasts through tons of hand washing ( I wash A LOT at work) and it basically lasts longer than my desire to change the colors!
The only complaint I have is that my fingers need to be covered in foil for fifteen minutes when I take the polish off.  It doesn't make for a very productive half hour! I try to do it when I have some DVR'd shows to catch up on...its helps pass the time. 

What colors do you prefer to wear to work?
Are you even allowed to wear polish at work? (Some places are very strict with their policies. I'm lucky enough to work in a place where polished tips are allowed. )
Whats your favorite weekend polish?

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