Friday, June 14, 2013

Broccoli Cheddar Rice Cups

Last week I made this little side dish to go with some grilled pork chops. I found the recipe on Pinterest and followed exactly....except I added more cheese. I mean really, who doesn't enjoy a little more cheese. 
This recipe was so basic I almost thought it was't going to have any flavor. But, with the cheese and chicken broth and the natural yum of broccoli I loved it and Roxie had some for dinner too. =)
Check out the link for these Broccoli Cheddar Rice Cups via Day Dream Kitchen


  1. Omg, those look so good! My husband make a chicken casserole dish with broccoli and cheese and it is so tasty. These little cups seem like a quick easy meal! <3


    1. shredded chicken would be a great addition....mmmmm =)


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