Monday, August 5, 2013

Madeira Feast

This past weekend the Southcoast hosted one of the biggest cultural gatherings in the country.  I've gone nearly every year since I can remember. Its four days of outdoor eating, drinking, live music and Portuguese entertainment. 
Mostly we go for the socialization. You end up seeing lots of old friends and distant relatives. Lots of people come back home for the weekend. 
I skipped my ten year reunion this weekend...I figured I'd see everyone I wanted to at the feast. 
Thursday was a rainy night but that didn't stop us from going to see Everclear as they opened up the feast. There was still a ton of people there. 

 Friday we went and met up with some friends. The weather was much more cooperative and I took home a fabulous cacoila sandwich for a late night snack. 
Saturday was by far my favorite night. We had some college friends from out of town stay with us and so naturally we partied until the wee hours of the morning. I also met up with some lovely ladies from work to celebrate a friends birthday. Its so nice to let loose with your co-workers especially when you work in a naturally high stress environment. 

The food is to die for. I was such a glutton this weekend. At one end of the feast grounds they have a pit that you can barbecue over in a traditional Madeira style. This is my dads favorite part and so we spent some time Sunday afternoon grilling and then watched the parade as we stood in line for some malassadas (aka fried dough). 

All in all my favorite weekend of the year, by far, every year. I'm still recovering and will probably continue to recover for a couple of weeks. 
(If you've ever drank Madeira know what I mean.)
Next year will be the 100th celebration...can't wait!

What did you do this weekend?
Tell me, tell me! 
I'm working a double tomorrow and I'd love to catch up!

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