Wednesday, August 7, 2013


...I'm terrible at them. Especially clothing/beauty budgets. Plus I feel like when I am trying to be good and I see an item I really love and say to myself  "I'll just wait for now" and when I can't stop thinking about it and go back for it its gone that I've lost a battle and then I binge shop to soften the blow.

I've been inspired by fellow bloggers Fran and Kaitlin to start a September. Due to my recent spontaneous online purchases (on my credit card no less) I'm making August a no spend month.

Its seems like every July I binge- hardcore- on shopping. Online, in store, thrift- you name it. Last year it was Gap and Old Navy. 
It was right around the time I decided to start a blog after I had discovered my first fashion blog -J's Everyday Fashion c/o Pinterest. I was inspired by her picks and I had a whole new perspective when I went shopping and even found a few of the same pieces she had. What a rush. I was a born again shop-aholic.

Also with this post I realized I've been blogging (off and on) for a year now. Time flies.
Fast forward to a year later and I've expanded my shopping horizons and blog roll and my need to keep up with the Joneses is even worse. Sometimes I have to check myself- like this August.

I'm also thinking of selling some items I know I haven't worn or will not wear. The things I purchase now are a lot different then a year ago and what I want is to have a perfectly curated closet- ready for any event or moment. A mix of trendy and classic and one that's tailored to my lifestyle. More casual than business. Pulled together, not frumpy. Girly, yet edgy. That's not too much to ask right?

Do you keep a budget? Do you stick to it?
Happy Hump Day!


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    1. why thank you. I had so many but these felt the most relevant.

    2. but of course, I have cc case with the CB it.

  2. This year I've been saving like crazy for an overseas trip and so I've hardly bought anything clothes or beauty wise. It's been super tough but I'm pretty happy I've actually managed to do it (:

    1. oooh where are you going? I'd love to travel....someday...

  3. Thanks for the shout-out!! I honestly feel like I could have written this post. I always liked shopping, but I went into overdrive once I discovered Pinterest and all these great bloggers who had relatable, attainable style. They were wearing pieces I could afford, and they looked amazing! I wanted it all! Add being incredibly bored and somewhat stressed by the grad school grind and I had a recipe for disaster. I only started budgeting last month, and it has been liberating yet challenging at the same time. It honestly keeps me from shopping out of boredom and stress, but sometimes I have to sacrifice things I don't exactly want to sacrifice. For example, all of those Issa dresses I posted today! I want one, but I already spent my whole August budget. It kinda sucks, but I also know I don't have a large need for dresses in my life (I work on the floor with kids haha). If they somehow have any left next month and I still want one, then I'll buy!... Phew sorry this is long but last thing- you should definitely try to sell on Ebay if your stuff is in decent shape! I've made $225 in the last month-ish selling things I liked but never wore. It feels great to unload the stuff, and now I can pay off another credit card! Just make sure you describe the product in detail and add any "imperfections" in the descriptions so people don't try to screw you.

    Hope this helps!! I'm looking forward to you joining the Budgeting Bloggers next month!



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