Monday, August 12, 2013

Tie Dye Love

When I received this scarf in the mail I had to wear it immediately. Didn't matter if I had a completely different outfit planned, I changed on the fly. I loved it that much. 
A couple months ago I signed up for Etsy because everyone was wearing these gorgeous little shop pieces and I wanted in on the action. 
That's when I came across Gertie & Baxter. I loved all their headbands, bags and scarfs, but what I loved most was these grab bags they had. You buy either a scarf, headband or bag grab bag for a discounted price and you get one of their fabulous pieces- as a complete surprise. The item, they say, is a random leftover of sorts, something from their past season.
But ya know what?
I don't care.
The best pieces I have I'll wear all the time. Month after month. Season after season. 
Like this scarf.

Tee: Old Navy Vintage (my absolute fave) | Jeans: AE crop festival | Shoes: Aerosoles | Infinity Scarf: Gertie & Baxter | Cuff: Dots

Its the perfect addition to my favorite white tee and distressed jeans. Its casual and comfortable and cute, so what more could I ask for in anything?

Ya'll should check out the shops new website
and follow the blog

Whats your favorite accessory??
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P.S. What do you think of the changes to PolkaDots & Lace? I think not shopping has afforded me some extra energy that I'm channeling! =) Feedback always welcome!


  1. Loving the tie dye scarf - so cute!

  2. I love finding great Etsy stores. This scarf is great!



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