Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Celeb Closet Crush: Emmy

I love celebrities. Some more than others. And there's nothing I'd love more than to raid their closets. This week I'd love to talk Emmy Rossum. Ms. Emmy can do no wrong. I've yet to see a single street style shot that I didn't want to recreate or a red carpet look that I didn't dream of wearing. 
I think its a bit weird sometimes because I know her as Fiona from Shameless...and all she wears is cutoffs and holey tanks. Complete opposites. 
Here are some of my favorite looks from Emmy. 
All photos via Pinterest. 

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Who has your favorite celeb style?


  1. I haven't paid enough attention to Miss Emmy Rossum's outfits- these are all great! One of my friends from college was actually friends with her growing up and said she's pretty awesome. So a good celebrity crush all the way around! My style icon is Kate Middleton just because she proves classy doesn't have to be boring.


  2. I love Emmy Rossum too! Such cute outfits :)

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