Monday, September 16, 2013

Mani Monday + Shop My Closet!

Matches my favorite Shiraz...

Sally Hansen Gel color in Pat on the Black and OPI glitter (from the Serena Williams collection I think) Thank you to SJL for the added foliage. =]

Dinner...pork chops, chicken drummies and potato packets

Roxie...cause shes just too beautiful not to show off!

Happy Mani Monday! Had the day off today...after the longest workday in a while yesterday. Caught up on a few things and then enjoyed the evening outside. Haven't grilled in a while and it was absolutely perfect with a little red wine. I'm loving the weather around here...except sometimes it can be confusing  as it was nearly 90 degrees last Thursday. 

In an effort to maintain a budget, and to make room for all the cute fall items I just have to have (looking at you Lim mini bags)I've posted some items up for grabs from my closet. 
I discovered Because I Shop Too Much from an instagrammer and I decided to make an account here to support some fellow bloggers.
 I realize I won't get as much traffic as I would someplace like ebay or Poshmark but here there are no seller fees and I can easily navigate my way around everyone's closets. Also I don't have an iphone so Poshmark is out of the question. 

All payments are made via Paypal and some prices are negotiable if you send me a message. Items will remain posted for a month. 
They are either brand new or gently used.
New items will be added monthly.
Purchases are final sale. 
Here's a preview!
Click here for happy shopping!
Member name Meghan Ouellette

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  1. Cute mani! Love the touch of glitter!

  2. I love that deep color of your mani!!


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