Friday, January 17, 2014

Lets All Play Nice...Pinning Lately

The weather has been so uncooperative lately. On my days off there's been nothing but rain or snow or just plain frigid temps which makes for less than desirable conditions for taking  blog pictures. However, this means I get to snuggle, wear giant sweats (or Grinch fleece pants) and slippers. Can't say I'm all that mad. My inner lazy girl is in aaaallll her glories since its been non-stop since the first of the year. So bear with me until the sun comes out again. 
For now I'm looking to Pinterest for lots of inspiration and recipes and home decor. 
I'm crazy drawn to bright colors, due mostly to the gloom that is the weather. 

All these colors got me craving warmer weather...except these are cold weather looks! Its like magic or something! I'm excited to start experimenting but for now I'll stick to my bright lips and tips. Two things I'll never stop wearing no matter the season. 
What are you pinning these days?
Leave me your Pinterest name or your favorite board! 
I'd love to check them out!

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  1. I totally hear you on the craving bright color! This winter has already been too dang long- and it's only January! I definitely agree that snuggling and staying cozy is awesome, but I wouldn't complain about, say, a week of beach temps :)



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