Sunday, July 29, 2012


Good morning beauties and gents. Its yet again another gloomy day here. I should be sleeping in as I have a long week ahead of me but instead I am awake. I have conquered the kitchen, started some laundry and I'm even baking a little sumthin sumthin. 

I woke up because I heard the rain on the window and then I couldn't stop thinking of things. 
  • How my clothing rack full of clothes spontaneously combusted and I have yet to clear it up.  (so so sad)
  • How I haven't yet picked out a proper outfit for my trip to the theater this afternoon. (mostly bc everything is on the floor)
  • How this is my last hurrah for fried fatty foods until I am satisfied that I am back on the right track (I plan on having the best fried scallop plate tonight...mmmm my mouth is watering!)
  • How I should join the Insanity challenge group but after reading a few reviews I am a big chicken. 
wimpy wimpy wimpy
Is what my left brain keeps telling my right brain. 
I am my own worst bully. 
I started Zumba in January and lost 15 pounds. I went on vacation in May and its been all down hill since then. Granted its the summer (excuses) and have run my first 5k since then but in general I've been skipping out everyday a lot. Making lame excuses for not going to class...and really I shouldn't because I have the actual DVDs here. In my home. In my possession. already in my PS3.
I was taking account of the rest of 2012...I have two weddings, multiple birthdays (including my own), and a possible trip to Cancun with the girls. 
I plan on re-starting my path to fitness.tomorrow...Monday. why? because...
Source: via Tia on Pinterest

 My FF and I (that is "fitness friend") are teaming up to tackle the lazies that have overcome us in the past couple months. 
So maybe this Insanity challenge is just what I need to boost my confidence again. 
I also am planning on a 10k in the end of September and perhaps this will increase my endurance. I've noticed how much more tired I am without working out on a regular basis. 
And that 10k won't finish itself. 

So help me out here kiddos. Anyone ever do Insanity? P90x? TurboFire? Anything of that nature? Is it good for someone like me whos only put in a light effort the past couple months but is dedicated now?
How about Shakeology which is also part of the challenge...anyone tried it? I've heard only good things but I love to hear more!
Are there results? Is it worth the investment? (stuff ain't cheap!)
Any feedback would be appreciated! 
OOTD post tomorrow. <3 


(special thanks to my Zumba instructor Stephanie who is a fabulous motivator and BeachBody Coach for allowing me to use her link! =)

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