Friday, July 27, 2012

OOTD: Luau!

Often I feel like I wear Scrubs and PJs and not much more. 
I have all these wonderful clothes that I don't get to show off. 
Thats why I look forward to nights like last Saturday (and continuing this blog) when my friends throw luau bashes and I get to dress fancy!
It was a luau themed grad party and the guest of honor requested everyone dress the part. In my true fashion it was Friday night before I realized ::gasp:: 
I had
So I convinced the fiance to come with me to the mall and then I ended up losing him somewhere between Old Navy and Wet Seal. (Turned out he went back to the car to listen to Sports Talk least I had a chauffeur.)
Anywho, as I was strolling past JCP on my way to the [new] WetSeal I spotted this fancy little shirt with a pretty cute price tag. I left to go to Wet Seal first bc I had seen on the website that they had a few floral print numbers. I ended up not liking any of them but purchased a gorgeous Lace blazer instead. I back tracked to JCP and bought the shirt figuring I'd get more use out of the blouse than the trendy neon florals happening at WetSeal. I had peachy denim at home and voila an outfit was born!
Pardon the frizzy hair and sleepy eyes. Photo was taken when we got back home as I was rushed out of the house and unable to snap a pic beforehand. 

The end result was we had a great time and I was comfortable all night. Not too hot to be near the fire and not too cold that I couldn't stray and mingle away from it. Hooray for summer nights <3!!

Top: JCP 
Jeans: Target (color no longer available online- try the stores)
Shoes: XOXO via Macys (I scored them for $35 in store!)
Bracelet: Apt9 via Kohls (used my Kohls cash + 30%off)


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