Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OOTD: Floral (fancy)pants!

Went to the movies last week and saw the new Batman. It was a great flick, Bane was an excellent villain. It was a little weird for me at times though because of the horrible tragedy in Aurora Colorado. During some fight scenes I thought to myself "Is this where it happened? Is this what they thought was part of the show?"
Dark. Very Dark. 
On to brighter things...I had an excuse to wear my floral pants! Its been quite muggy out here so I've been living in shorts and top knots but I know that I'm always cold in movie theaters. Always
I paired my (fancy)pants with a simple top and brought along my favorite scarf (not pictured). I call them fancy pants because while I love the trend they are certainly not something I would normally wear. They're kind of loud and I generally keep my prints to the top so as not to draw attention to my hips. However I love them and they're comfy and I feel like I could wear them in the fall too so I'll keep experimenting and you'll probably see them again. 
I kept my feet comfy in flips but if I was going anywhere else I probably would have used my silver gladiator sandals. 
(not the greatest picture, I have no photo editor and really no skills in photography. This is a trial and error process but I'm having fun with it so phooey to you! =)

Top: Target
Pants: LC for Kohls 

Flips: Old Navy
Necklaces: forever 21 (old and recent)
Bracelet: old (& a hair-tie whoops!)

In other news, I'm still debating the Insanity challenge. But, when half of me wants to do something the other half is too chicken to follow through with, my logic kicks in and says "if you don't do this you will regret it. If you do it and fail oh well there's always something else and/or you can do it again. (but obv don't fail cause...failures not an option).
So I'm probably going to do it cause yolo (duh) and I don't like regrets. Hate em actually. So stay tuned for the Insane updates!! 


  1. Your pants are too cute...I need to be brave and venture out into the floral pants world :)

  2. Thank you! It took me a while to find a good pair (mainly cause the ones I found were so darn expensive for me!) They do make you feel very feminine lol


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