Friday, August 3, 2012

August Challenge/ Charming Charlie haul!

Anyone else get just overwhelmed in life? with life? with everything? From work to school to relationships, friendships, family? Everyone is getting married or having babies or moving away. Raising children, raising a puppy, planning a wedding, planning a friends wedding and all the showers and parties. That is just me. I know that everyone has their own set of overwhelming life challenges. 
Well one of my coping mechanisms is shopping. 
I take retail therapy literally.  
Recently, as I was trying to symbolically re-order my life I noticed that I bought the same shirt and didn't even realize it. Same shirt same price same store. That's how impulsive my shopping habits have become. 
After this little revelation, combined with the many events I have coming up this month I decided to make my own challenge. 
I'm not going to shop in August. No clothes. no sales.No "i worked overtime so I have some cash to blow" Nope. None of that. I was also inspired by a blog I came across (which of course I can't find now) in which she challenged herself to not shop for a month and succeeded. 
This isn't exactly a "remix". Though I'm sure when the holidays roll around I'll be interested in that. I've had some time to map out a plan. Meaning: I've done a lot of shopping in July so I may be wearing items that are new to me. I also may have went to Charming Charlie on the 31st and came back with a haul. =/
Anyway I've employed my fiance to help strengthen my will power but I'd love to hear from you! 
Have you ever tried to not shop for a month? Have you succeeded? What are your tactics to reducing and resisting temptation? (also, am i crazy for trying this now with all the back to school sales and summer clearances happening??)
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peace love and (not)shopping
And now...some pictures...
this is my new clothing rack/shelving. Because I have so many articles of clothing my cheaper version cracked in half. And my clothes were everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And that's Roxie making a guest appearance. 
This is the finished product. About and hour and a half and lots of sweat later (it was so muggy this night). Even the fiance said to me "you must really love this because you keep coming back in here. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and a sense of "ahhh" if you will. Just knowing what I have is so easily accessible now and (hopefully) I won't be buying duplicates anytime soon. =)
This was my Charming Charlie haul! I savored each and every second in the store because I knew it'd be a while before we met again. I'll compare it to when you know you're starting a diet on Monday so you savor each and every bite of the last "cheat" meal. I could seriously spend buttloads in this store. There's not only jewels but clothing, shoes and purses too. 

In retrospect I should have purchased the jeweled collar shirt I saw but I was way too enamored with the jewelry. So I'm thinking a DIY is in order! August should be so much fun!
Also everyone should check out Charming Charlie online or on Twitter (@CharmingCharlie) and Facebook!

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