Saturday, August 11, 2012

OOTD: Primary Colors and Accessories!

Well! Its been over a week since my last post and its mostly because I've lived in scrubs. Nothing cute about that!
 Last weekend I went out Thursday-Sat nights and got up and went to work each morning. Its taken me all week to recover so I guess you could say I'm getting too old for that kinda fun. But its a once a year feast in the city and its a reunion of sorts. You see people you like and you see people you don't. You see people from high school and college and you see people you'd rather forget. It is literally one of the largest cultural festivals in the world. There's music and outdoor drinking (I love to go out to rooftop bars and outdoor patios in the summer!) and lots and lots of delicious foods. So how could I resist?!
Last weekend was also my (future) mother in laws birthday so we went out to dinner to celebrate, and we had some of the fiances friends come down and stay for the weekend because of the feast. 
Early this week I got back on the Zumba wagon and tried my first Insanity workout and was again reminded that "I ain't as good as I once was". The Insanity workout had me in bed for a day and a half. I was useless until yesterday. And I worked everyday this week. Except for today. 
Enough babble. Lets talk outfits. I was only able to snap 2/3 of last weekends outfits because of the hectic way I had to run out of the door but I loved all three. It was hot so I went for shorts and skirts and lots of accessories for a casual look.
Bracelets: Dots (recent)
Ring: My goregous engagement ring!! (best and most  beloved accessory)
Necklace: Charming Charlie (recent clearance)
Bracelets(LtoR)Charming Charlie (recent) , Dots (old)
Shoes: (2011)
Shorts: Target (May '12)
Top: Forever21 (May '12)
Belt: Target (clearance! recent)

I love the color combo of the bright blue and yellow. I kept with the primary color them and added red bracelets and a red lip. And I was very comfy on a humid night. I'm grateful I got a pic in before we went out because two minutes into the feast I ended up with hot sauce on my shirt! (Thanks fiance!) Thank goodness for OxyClean!
The tribal-like zebra sandals are a favorite of mine. I wear them as a neutral with anything and everything. And I love the kitschy owl necklace.Its kinda quirky so it suits me. 
Update: I'm doing well on the no shopping in August challenge. I've had many temptations thanks to Gap and Kohls and even the Kardashian Kollection?! But I've resisted. The only real thing I'm coveting at the moment is a white nail polish so I can get on with my manicures! 
Speaking of which its time for my Saturday mani/pedi indulgence. This does not count as shopping. This is more of a...necessity. =) Anyone else agree? 
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