Monday, October 8, 2012

Lets Talk Shoes...

As you all may have known Payless had their BOGO sale last month. And I of course had to take advantage of it. I have two weddings and a bridal shower plus rehearsal dinner, 3 concerts and other various nights out to attend. Plus its a new season which means new shoes styles!! One major item I had on my list was boots. Tall goregous riding boots. But thats a whole different post! 

Anywho, I went over to payless and originally got these two pairs: Menswear Wedge, and these beauties. 
I purchased the wedges because they were super cute and on trend for the fall and the tall and sexys were to go with my bridesmaids dress. (the dresses are floor length so no one will see the shoes but I wanted something sassy.) However, when I got home the shoes didn't compliment the dress as well as I thought. And the wedges...I kept them around a whole month and still haven't found an outfit to match. 

Halfway through September I went to another local Payless where I found these two deals! One was $20 and the other $10 so with the deal I purchased two more pairs for less than the price of the original snake prints! Basically they're the same shoe but in a more flattering color. I chose the gold glitter because they are so fun and I do not want to give up the nude because they are classic and were cheap! By this time my fiance had caught on to the shoe boxes piling up and said "You will return three of those pairs right?" weeeelllll....

In the meantime I was killing time before another wedding out of state and stumbled across another payless. Happenstance or fate? Well I bought these loves to go with this dress amongst everything else in my closet. (excuse the bedroom mess it was right before the wedding rehersal and you know how it goes with you're getting ready. everything. everywhere.)
So now I have five pairs of new shoes from Payless and I want to return two. I returned the snake print ones despite the fact that they were beautiful I had already decided to keep the nude neutrals and the fun gold glitters and the snake just didn't fit into my closet. A week later I decided the Menswear isnpired wedges did not fit into my closet either and so I wanted to return those. Low and behold I can't find the receipt. They were on the same slip and I've checked every pocketbook and clutch I've used between then and now and cannot find it anywhere. I probably had a CLEAN ALL THE THINGS moment and accidentally threw it out. So now I get to exchange them in return for another pair. Again...happenstance or fate?

Now I'm constantly looking for a new pair. Booties maybe? Or wedges in a different shade, perhaps a smaller wedge. I do need a pair of red high heels to go with my Kellie Pickler shirt and so I can dance in the living room in them. Oxblood is also huge for the fall but I'm not sure I have anything in the closet to match. I think a casual boot may be more fitting for me. Or a biker style boot. Oh the possibilities. 

All sexy shoes can be found at Payless. Not all of them are available in all store and not all are shown online. 
Dress: LC @ Kohls

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