Friday, February 22, 2013

Shopping and coffee with friends

Scarf: similar, similar
I wore this outfit for a casual day at the mall for coffee and pedis with friends. This was my first time wearing my new wedge sneakers. When they first started coming out I wasn't sold. I've never been a huge fan of sneakers with everyday clothes- it seems just a little too relaxed. With yoga pants or sweats sure. (But really...never wear sweats in public unless its to the gym mmmkay?) And definitely not with a cardi sweater. 
I bought the shoes on a whim to try them on with different styles at home. It wasn't until I asked my fiances opinion that I was hooked. He said he actually liked them. ::GASP::
He never says things like that. 
I lie. 
He does tell me what he likes and doesn't like on me and he's honest every time. I know because there's been times when I think something looks smoking  hot and he says...meh. 
& Vice versa
Anyways he says to me I look comfortable and relaxed and meanwhile I feel taller and just a wee bit more confident with the wedge. So I kept them. They were perfect for mall exercises.
steve madden olympiaa wedge

Then I bought this pair after seeing DulceCandy on Instagram with them. 
It was a steal from Delias at $50 shipped cause Google told me they were going for $100 everywhere else. It was on sale- last in my size- perfect color- love at first sight status.  I had no where to go but I didn't want to take them off. 

The rest of the outfit is tired but true. Gap tee, Old Navy jeans and Target   cardigan been in my closet forever. The scarf is the most recent purchase last fall when I was on the hunt for a animal print scarf  and obsessed with colored everything. 
Lets be real...I still am. 

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P.S. I managed my first sock bun! It took me a few tries and maybe a little frustration (thank you layers) but I got it! What should I try next??

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